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Our Services for Shippers

Your Shipment is Our Priority

Businesses like yours depend on reliable, cost-effective shipping to stay competitive in today’s tough economy.

But many can’t afford to devote the resources needed to find dependable carriers, match them with the appropriate shipments, and monitor progress to ensure an efficient shipping operation.

Let T&E Price Transport take the stress out of shipping for your business. Here’s how:

Selecting the Right Trucking Company

Before your shipment is scheduled, T&E Price Transport has already done our due diligence on your trucking company.

From owner-operators to multi-unit trucking companies, each of our trucking partners has been intensively screened to confirm:

  • active operating authority and insurance
  • length of time in business
  • reliability and on-time performance
  • compliance, safety, and accountability

You can rest easy knowing we only use the most reliable  transporters to deliver your shipments.

During Shipment

T&E Price Transport oversees your shipment from pickup through delivery:

    • Taking your pickup orders
    • Scheduling freight for the appropriate unit
    • Transmitting driver instructions 
    • Loading, transporting, and delivery
    • Billing

    We monitor the progress of your load so there are no surprises.

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