Who We Are

T&E Price Transport, LLC is an independent brokering company licensed by the US Department of Transportation to broker freight between shippers and motor carrier companies.  We are a minority owned, DBE certified business. Our mission is to streamline the transportation cycle by providing reliable logistical solutions for all of your cargo transportation needs. T & E Price Transport, LLC. strives to exceed our client’s expectations by providing excellent service, competitive pricing, and a working knowledge of freight and transportation logistics.

What We Offer

We would like to assist in your company’s goal of finding reliable carriers. If you’ll allow us to take a lane with your company, we will increase the efficiency of your shipping cycle by introducing a network of dependable carrier companies committed to moving your goods in a timely and efficient manner.

We look forward to partnering with you as we seek to advance our companies to the next level in shipping, click the button below to view all the opportunities that T&E Price Transport LLC has to offer.

We Are Here To Help You

We are determined to do the best job for our clients and make them the most money possible. We don’t settle on loads just so we can move on to the next customer. Our clients’ trucks and livelihoods are treated like they are our own.

We Would Love To Hear From You!

Click the button below to get in contact with us and send a message. We will be pleased to get back with you within 24 hours to discuss what all it is we may be able to provide for you!